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Pitch 4 Finance opens to SMEs

Jul 29, 2020 3:11:10 PM / by Pitch4

Pitch 4 Finance has opened its SME finance sourcing platform to brokers and borrowers which grants them access to hundreds of lenders.


The platform has already partnered with over 170 banks and alternative finance providers to provide financial intermediaries and individuals with suitable commercial finance funding available to them. 


The reverse marketing model platform works by assessing lender criteria against loan enquiries submitted to the platform. Lenders are actively to encourage to update their criteria in order to find the most suitable enquiries they can provide loans for. 


"Pitch 4 Finance helps borrowers to find the best lending fit for their business growth requirements within minutes and allows lenders to efficiently find borrowers who match their lending criteria and risk profile." explained Miranda Khadr, CEO at Pitch 4 Finance. 


"Our unique digital solution means that both sides save time and money, and we are excited about the role Pitch 4 Finance can play in providing much needed finance to SMEs, which are the engine of the UK economy. We hope to add more and more features to the site based on the feedback from early adopters. We believe that, moving forward, this system allows greater transparency, faster service and a move to a sourcing tool which allows borrowers and intermediaries alike to source vast solutions across the marketplace."


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