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New Feature Release! 26 August 2020

Aug 26, 2020 11:09:25 AM / by James Warren

Latest update on features.


Lenders, manage your statuses!

You're now in control! Wouldn't it be nice to know where each enquiry is in the process toward completion? We thought exactly that. Lender account managers now have the permissions to amend the status of their lead to help manage the transactions.

Borrowers and Intermediaries will be made aware of how far through the process of financing they are with each lender.


Learn more about statuses.


Complete on your loans

An important final status. After all, that's what we are all here for. Once a lender has provided finance they can move a loan into a completed state. Borrowers and Intermediaries will be notified upon successful completion. 


Learn more about completions.


Coming Soon


Email notification overhaul

Thank you all for the feedback in recents weeks. It's really important for a beta product like ours to learn and evolve rapidly. One particular area of feedback is regarding the current email notifications being sent out. Descriptive and timely notifications are really important for us to help engage within the marketplace so we are hoping to get these new ideas out to you as soon as possible.


New table designs

Column sorting, combined searches and new filter functions are all in the pipeline to help all users manage their lists. 


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James Warren

Written by James Warren