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New Feature Release! 14/07/2020

Jul 14, 2020 7:30:00 AM / by James Warren

Latest update on features.


Borrower self-registration!

We're really excited for the news that new borrowers can now register themselves, create their own account and submit a loan enquiry. This is great news for borrowers, particularly as we open up from coronavirus and the market gets going again. Borrower accounts will need to be verified by email before enquiries are submitted to the matching engine.


Borrower account verification

Any previously registered borrowers will be required to verify their account to access any new enquiries submitted on this system.


Pre-Approve Lenders

We're really excited to show you this one. When submitting a loan enquiry you will be given the option to "pre-approve lenders". This means you can filter out any particular lenders you don't want to match with. The lender won't be informed of your loan enquiry and any future matches also require approval. 


Intermediary Teams

Intermediaries are now grouped together under a company. All active members of the company have access to all the loan enquiries submitted by the team and can participate on matches. 


Withdraw your enquiry

Do you have a enquiry that is no longer going ahead? You now have the option to pull the enquiry from the matching system. It will remain visible to lenders for seven days before disappearing automatically. The submitting party will continue to have a record of withdrawn enquiries. 


Increased file sizes

We have increase the file size limit with documents to 20mb.


Coming Soon


New Statuses

We want to give you more control over where an enquiry is in its life cycle. We will be introducing new statuses, along with a new way of managing them. 


Changes to Business Streams

After some great feedback we've received from lenders we are looking at the next round of changes to the business streams which will give even more flexibility. 


In app help and guidance

We will be making some changes to the way the site interacts and provide you with helpful hints and tips. 




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James Warren

Written by James Warren